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Ali Pfleger

Ali was born and raised in the costal city of Newport Beach, California. Ali first took Jessica Starr’s master class at her studio when she was nine. She was overwhelmed by the immense amount of positivity that radiated out of Jessica and the entire Muse Dance Company faculty and she found herself patiently waiting for them to come to her studio every year. Ali attended the very first Mini Muse Experience in 2012, which when she was asked to apprentice for MusEffect. After about a year, she was formally inducted as a company member at the age of 14. She attended Orange County High School of the Arts, until she chose the online education route in order to more seriously pursue her dance career. As she is graduating high school soon, she hopes to obtain a degree in Criminal Psychology, while continuing to pursue a career in dance – hopefully attributing to the idea that one can have both an academic and artistic career.
Most people call Ali by the names of Al, Pflegs, or P-fleg. Her hair is widely known for having a dreadlock-like apperance. She is an excessive doodler and an avid adventurer. If she hears music she can’t help but tap her foot. She has a preternatural love of autumn and her favorite thing to wear is a good turtleneck (despite the fact she resides in Southern California). She wiggles her feet until she falls asleep and she is convinced that Family Guy is the most brilliant show to ever grace television. Finally, she loves to make people smile and will do [almost] anything for a good piece of gluten-free banana bread.

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