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Brenna Brockert

Brenna was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona. She started dancing when she was three years old and has been hooked ever since. She grew up training and competing in all styles such as Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Modern, Hip-Hop, etc. This later led her to pursue a BFA degree in dance. She is now continuing her dance training at The University of Arizona as a dance major and is on track to graduate spring, 2018.  With U of A being ranked number one in college dance programs, Brenna is honored to be receiving the training and performance opportunities she receives with the UA dance program. However, Brenna’s love for hip-hop and diversity in her style, lead her to audition for U of A’s hip-hop crew, Black and Blue. She has had the honor of being apart of this team for the past four years. With Black and Blue she is given the opportunity to perform at different University of Arizona events and charity works that differ from her “school training”. This unique dance major manages to stay on top of her schooling and her hip-hop crew, while also being a dance teacher at a studio located in Gilbert, Arizona. Brockert loves nothing more than sharing her passion and love for dance with all of her students.

Other than dancing, Brenna is also very passionate about Pilates and is excited to announce that she was just recently accepted into the Fletcher Pilates Training Program. This is a huge honor and she is looking forward to being able to teach dance and Pilates in the future. Pilates is something that has really helped Brenna become aware of how her body works, thus making her a stronger dancer and helping her avoid injuries. She cannot wait to put both of these passions together and help other dancers build a stronger knowledge of their body and a stronger facility.

Even though she is teaching, her training has not stopped. She is so honored to have been given the opportunity to dance and train with MusEffect for the past few years. Brenna was given the chance to be an apprentice with MusEffect during the 2016 MusExperience and was then asked to be an official company member during the 2017 MusExperience. She is ecstatic about being a company member and plans on moving to LA to be with the company after she graduates in a few months.

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