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Ian Chubb started dancing at age 11 and continued his training at his hometown studio, Studio West Dance Center, in Fort Collins, Colorado. He has been trained under names such as Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo, Brian Freidman, Marty Kadelka, and many other professional dancers. He broke into the professional dance world around the age of 18 when he was asked to be involved in Muse Dance Company. Which later became a non-profit organization called MusEffect. With MusEffect, he auditioned for ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew), and participated in the company’s first ever-live stage show. This led to the opportunity to work for Reebok where he danced in industrial shows, modeling photo shoots, and commercials. Ian was also featured in two music videos with artists Gina Starbuck, and Daughtry. He recently was appeared in an episode on The Goldbergs on ABC. Most recently Ian performed for the Vans US surf open, the World Choreography Awards, and has been apart of many different PSA’s bring awareness to current social issues. Ian also teaches for Muse Dance Company at their big summer intensive and plans on teaching along with his peers at Muse Dance Company’s in house conventions. He now resides in Los Angeles and is represented by The Movement Talent Agency.

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