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Jessica Starr

CEO / Creative Director / Board member

Jessica Starr has been traveling the globe over the past decade spreading passion for her art to all she encounters. As a current resident of Los Angeles, she has had her hands in the production of such shows as MTV’s Super Sweet 16, NEXT, Do You Want to Come In? and Jennifer Lopez’s DanceLife. Jessica has also had the pleasure in working on Elton John’s Vegas show, The Red Piano, H&M and JC Penney’s commercials as well as the Lions Gate documentary, Rize. Currently Jessica Starr finds herself steadily working with a long line of some the industries most cutting edge and innovative corporations such as Reebok, Adidas, and the NBA. It is Starr’s unique blend of intellectual creativity and commercial appeal that has earned her the title of “hot commodity” in the corporate world. With over 18 years in the industry, Jessica uses Muse Dance Company (her innovative customized in-house workshop company) as her vehicle to reach thousands of dancers annually. Within the past several years she has expanded the boundaries of Muse and has taken her high-powered master classes across seas, working with dancers in Tokyo, Ecuador, Canada, and London. In 2013 Starr launched the non-profit company MusEffect into the world. With a strong heart for social issues, Jessica is passionate about involving MusEffect in projects that give back to the community. The goal is to move audiences nationwide towards awareness through this unique blend of multi-dimensional art. Jessica strives to motivate young visionaries through her contagious spirit, positive energy, and empowering perspectives. She thrives on being able to share her working knowledge of the dance industry and personal experiences with budding artists around the world.

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