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Memo Martinez

Memo Martinez is a 24 year old Mexican dancer that with 7 years of dancing has accomplished things that make him, his family and a lot of Mexican dancers proud. Coming all the way from a town called Monterrey in Mexico, he is now living his dreams. He has being working with the top choreographers in the industry and he’s been going from rehearsal to rehearsal, from show to show, from video to video, non-stop. It has always been a fulfilling and very exciting experience for him. His working experience includes Jennifer Lopez "All I have" Vegas residency, MTV Movie Awards, Mariah Carey, Reebok, Apple, MTV’s show: America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7, Maluma, FOX, Univision, Flo Rida, and more. Before moving to LA he was traveling all over Mexico teaching and spreading his knowledge, but now, he’s been traveling all over the world. His goal is to keep inspiring other people, especially Mexicans, to make them go and live their dreams. He's a prime example of being able to make it in the Industry in Los Angeles, not mattering where you come from. He loves to push himself to get out of his comfort zone and grow, and that’s why he’s now a proud member of the MusEffect.

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