Nik Gravelle

Technical Director / Media Production

Nik Gravelle was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. At a very young age, he moved from Ottawa to Phoenix, Arizona where he first developed his passion for film making. After graduating from Hamilton High School, he attended The Film School at SCC in Scottsdale, Arizona and graduated in May 2012 with a Certificate of Completion in Film Production. His passion and determination to succeed in this business lead him to relocate to Los Angeles, California where he has used his skills as a First AC/Focus Puller and Camera Operator. With Nik’s vast knowledge and experience, he now works for LABX25 Entertainment (created by Joe Loera) and promotes young artists. Recently he has been working with Sophia Lucia, a budding young performer, and documenting her journey through her dance career. Nik has had the opportunity to film and work with Reebok on industrial shoots as well as edit and shoot some of the most innovative dance concept videos. His creative vision and expertise is quickly making him one of the industries’ leading up-and-coming dance cinematographers. With Nik Gravelle’s commitment to artistry and production, he has recently accepted the role of Technical Director for MusEffect. His position as a Technical Director has led him into an expansive role utilizing his talents in direction, lighting, audio design, and creative development. Through his production company, Nik Gravelle Films, he continues to create and direct independent films and videography projects.