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Taylor Shultz

Taylor Shultz, a Tucson native, has dedicated her dance career to inspiring dancers through teaching and performance. Taylor received her training in Arizona at Gotta Dance Dance academy, A Tucson Dance Academy, and from the faculty at the University of Arizona. At a younger age Taylor was privileged to work along side the choreographers at many conventions and competitions, which inspired her to pursue a dance career. Taylor was introduced to Muse Dance Company at the age of 13. Under the direction of Jessica Starr, she was able to pursue her dreams of becoming a more versatile dancer. Since being introduced to Muse, Taylor has traveled to teach and perform across the nation. Her greatest passion is improvisational movement and she hopes to help other dancers discover their talents through Improv. Over the years she has been blessed to see the Muse Dance Company evolve and branch out into MusEffect, giving performers a platform to inspire and effect change through art. Being a part of this company has not only given Taylor the opportunity to follow her dreams but for her to reach out to other dancers as well through teaching and performing.

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