Educational Program

 MusEffect's Educational Programs are designed specifically to engage the next generation of youth social activists.  We have customized a 45-minute version out of MusEffect's two hour stage show The Divine Direction, isolating the social topics that are both relevant and poignant in the age group of the school system attending.  Using dance, film and spoken word, this stage show covers social issues ranging from cyberbullying to senseless violence, acts of kindness to domestic abuse.


The second portion of The Educational Program is an engaged discussion forum between MusEffect's Director, Jessica Starr and the students themselves.  Starr ignites conversations within the students using The Divine Direction pieces as a prompt for discussing the importance and presence of the social issues addressed in the show.  Starr allows the students to conceptualize their own means in which to inspire healing through the arts, and encourages their own activation and engagement. Each program is developed and molded with the educators of that community, in order to best meet the needs of that system.  Each MusEffect educational program, no matter what format, aims to show students the impact that they could make within their own communities by developing creative work with a social purpose, and intention.

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Full Stage Show

Direct from the dance industry of Los Angeles, MusEffect presents, The Divine Direction.  This two hour stage show is an action packed experience unlike any other.  Culminating dance, film, music and social intention, MusEffect sets the senses ablaze with fast paced atheletic movement, stimulating visuals and stories that will undoubtedly tug at your heart strings.  This nonprofit dance company elevates social consciousness through a unique blend of commercial and contemporary dance movement and music selections that every audience member can enjoy. Their unique approach to storytelling will keep you at the edge of your seats, empowering you to magnify your own life path. Let us be a part of your, Divine Direction and join us for an evening of art, intellect and intention.